Saturday, 16 January 2016

Temporarily Out Of Action!

Aye, the roaming Mackem is on the sick list at the moment after a recent fall down the stairs at home. Been in a lot of discomfort for over a week now and the pain shows no signs of easing off. Still managing at work (just), with the help of pain killers, so after ten days of feeling like shite I think it's high time I was back to normal. Typically, I got an invite to travel to Glencoe for yesterday's sunrise, with Alan Cook and Mike Ridley. It was to be a start from the north-east, travelling through the night and climbing a mountain to photograph the sun rising. I can't seem to sit in a car for more than five minutes, never mind climb a mountain, so I had to turn down that opportunity. Impeccable timing, as per. Oh well, no time to sit and mope around - I 've done enough of that over the last few days. It's time to look forward to getting my back back, if that sounds right??? Jeez, these pain killers av got me heed spinning!

As for the accident - my heel slipped forward off the top stair. That's right folks, the TOP stair. I went down like the proverbial bag of shite and took a right old whack to the upper back, before sliding down on my arse with my head braying up and down off every stair. After what seeme like an eternity I reached the bottom, in a pathetic heap, buckled and almost in tears. I was winded and in shock. I even told the wife to stop laughing. Best part was...she wasn't even there, she was out shopping!!!  Maybe I said it because I'd done the same thing ten years previously as she stood over me laughing her titties off. Aye, there's nee sympathy for the Roaming Mackem, not a jot.

And on that note I shall leave you with a smile on your face. Me? In the words of Gloria Gaynor...I will survive.
At least for now.
Back soon, says he...