Saturday, 7 June 2014

Return To Marsden Bay

After an excellent dawn light show at St. Mary's Island three weeks ago, I finished my outing with a quick stop off at Marsden Bay before heading home. It was around 6.30am when I parked up on the cliff top, before walking down the 100 or so steps to the beach - where is the elevator when you need it, he he. I had the bay to myself, which was a bit surprising as I expected to see one or two other photographers on the sands, or at least the odd dog walker. As usual I stopped at the bottom of the steps for a while and checked out the tide, sun position, etc, before stepping onto the rocky, pebbled beach, which was a bit awkward under foot. I might as well have been wearing slippers judging by the wafer thin soles on me willies, which didn't offer much in the way of protection. Good job I wasn't in company, they would have had a good laugh watching me negotiate those rocks! It was a very mild morning and the sea was calm, with little or no incoming waves, so I ran off a few long exposures and made my way back towards the Grotto pub at the foot of the steps. Back on flat ground I turned to face the huge stack that is Marsden Rock and eyed up one last shot before heading back up the steps. I composed this one with a nice foreground feature of a massive rusty anchor, which was propped up by the Grotto wall. Some nice subtle colour in the sky added a lovely backdrop, so with my gear in place, all I had to do was trip the shutter. Not much more to add, other than I was in and out within fifteen minutes or so. Mind you, that climb up the steps left iz paggered and ready to jump back into bed! Job done...

More photo's to come..

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Welcome back!

A few months ago I decided to get myself a Facebook page to connect with people through my photography. Every week I update my page, sometimes several times, sometimes only once. The photo uploads are mostly new images, although I occasionally post bit and pieces from my archives. As well as posting on my own page I also contribute to other photography related pages, such as Let's Talk Photography North-East and Monochrome Vision UK. If you happen a member of these pages then keep an eye out for my work. Both sites have some excellent photography from people who know how to take a shot or two and as well as viewing their work they often post details of camera settings/equipment used, etc. Social media photography pages are a great resource for information and as a member myself it's never a bad thing to share this kind of stuff amongst the like-minded. If you would like to connect with me and my work then feel free to 'Like' my page. You can find me and my photography here - Ashley Corr Photography (Facebook).

Here is a quick preview of my last two posts on Facebook, featuring 'Bamburgh Sunrise' and 'Guardian Angels'
Catch ya later, Ash

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Roseberry Topping (Via Newton Woods)

There hasn't been any photography activity this weekend so it would seem a good a time as any to catch up with another blog entry. I've got stacks of photo's on the back burner, from recent outings with the camera, so it's a case of getting them all uploaded to my blog page as soon as I can. Another set ticked off the list today, in the form of Bluebells, and lots of them! Two trips to Roseberry Topping in mid-May yielded some nice shots of the blue carpet, right across the meadow and pasture, towards the hill in the background. My first visit was an early evening affair and upon arrival I had been beaten to the box seat by another six photographers. This came as a surprise, although I never expected to have the plot to myself, I had an inkling one or others may well be in my company at some point. These fella's were by no means novices, judging by the banter and not least, their kit. It was full frame all the way along the back fence of the meadow. A gang of camera robbers would have made an absolute killing. The sun eventually broke through the clouds, just I was set up, so the first few frames were captured in the evening sun. Nice colour bathed the meadow and in turn brought the colourful hue from the bluebells right into our faces. After a minute of sun it was gone again, seeking refuge behind the cloud cover to our left. At this point the posse was joined by Andy Redhead, another photographer from Bishop Auckland, who I first met on a dawn visit to Buttermere, which to date remains one of my most memorable photography outings.

We waited for the sun to show again as it dropped towards the horizon, ready to set. We were out of luck. One by one we packed up and headed out, back through Newton Woods and on to the steep descent to ground level and eventually the car park. At least I had bagged a few nice ones, albeit during one minute of a 90 minute stay in the meadow. Oh well, owt is better than nowt, as they say. I got back home around 10.45pm, rather knackered after a days work before the 80 mile round trip for some photography. I intended to get another trip under my belt before the Bluebells died off, so it was a simple case of watching the weather for favourable conditions. And it wasn't soon before I made the second trip South, accompanied by Billy Short, friend and rookie photographer. The last two shots in this blog entry were taken during visit two, one of them ending up as a mock magazine cover (below). It was composed with magazine in mind - I think it works quite well. I gave Billy an insight into graduated filters, giving him a free run of my Lee grads, and  he commented later that they made all the difference to his shots, which was nice to know. The sun spread so evenly over the landscape that the filters weren't required for the best part, but as the sun dropped behind cloud cover they came into play, balancing the exposure as required, using 1,2 and 3 stop grads.

It only took two visits to bag these nice shots. On my first trip one the other photographers said he'd visited over the last 7 days in the hope of catching the light, which he never did until that very night we all stood alongside eachother. The things you do to grab the shot you want, eh. Oh well, been there and got many t-shirts!
Until the next time...

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