Monday, 16 April 2018

Update - All Things Photography

Hello again and welcome to another rare blog entry. I keep slipping into virtual anonymity on this page from time to time, mainly due to other commitments and the diversion my photography takes me. Yeah, if I'm not out there with the camera's or updating my website and social media pages, then you'll probably find that I've gone AWOL ... again!!!

Not to worry though, as there is plenty of activity behind the scenes, in the shape of -

* New photographs
* New drone footage
* New video's/vlogs
* New slideshows
* New website pages/galleries
* New blog entries

So, as you can see, there's plenty to come at and the recent spell of poor weather has meant I have spent more time indoors ... often behind the keyboard and monitor, to bring you lots of site updates. I've got lots of new ideas floating around, so hopefully they will come to fruition, sooner rather than later. The priority in recent weeks has been my TV and AERIAL pages on my website. After looking through the content to date I felt that both pages needed beefing up ,with new video's/ slideshows etc, mainly provided by my archive hard drive and the many hidden files that found a home on it. Many of them haven't seen the light of day and really need to be out there, making a contribution to my online portfolio, especially the aerial video's that were recently archived.

In a nutshell, please stay tuned to the next instalments at and all my social media platforms. The introduction of video logs, or Vlogs as they are most commonly known, is a completely new area that I'm hoping to explore, especially as I'm usually behind the camera and not in front of it. But hey, some of the places I'm gonna take you will need a fair bit of introduction and story telling along the way. It might not be my thing, and it may not work at all, but I'm all for trying and making something work if it does feel right. We'll soon see, eh.

And that's about it, folks. Just a quick hello and an outline of what's to come in the forthcoming weeks and months ahead.

 Catch ya soon, A.C