Sunday, 30 May 2010

Church On The Hill, Washington Village

There is only one holy hill in Washington village and that is the one upon which the Holy Trinity Church stands. Also known as the 'Church On The Hill', it is situated right next to the Old Hall in Washington Village.

It was purely by chance that I got this shot as I had intended to visit the gardens of the Old Hall but it was closed on Wednesday's. A bit strange I thought, but never mind. It was a lovely day too, and at this point I thought I'd have to do a runner and return another day. I walked the short distance back to the car - yes, I'm a bit of a lazy bugger after putting in a night shift! Right next to the car were the steps to the church and I couldn't help but notice the floral display right in front of me. Time to 'Tap in' and see what I could get. I took a few low angle shots with the 'Live View' activated as I didn't fancy lying on the floor and composing through the viewfinder.

Quite pleased with the results. Infact, I think I'll send one in to Pip at Tyne Tees - she likes a flower or two.

That is all.

Sunderland Echo (x2)

Two more of my photo's were published in the Sunderland Echo newspaper earlier this week. I must have sent them in a while back because I've been busy with other things lately and I haven't sent in any recent images. Still, it was a nice surprise to see my photo of Washington Old Hall followed by the 'Swans At Sunset' a couple of nights later. Infact, the Swans were captured last summer and I'm quite sure the shot has already been published but those folk at the Echo must have thought it deserved another crack.

I've got stacks more shots to send in to the Echo, so now I've caught up with my website work I'll be submitting a batch in the next few days.
Cheers, Ash

Friday, 7 May 2010

Wildlife Photography

Following my recent blog entry 'The Nesting Season', I'm back with an update in the shape of more wildlife photography.

Recent wanderings in my locality brought me a few photo opportunities in the company of Mute Swans. I'd left the compulsory loaf of bread at home by mistake so I wasn't too hopeful of any close-up shots, especially as I didn't have my 'Lure'. Never mind, you've gotta be optimistic.

I'd stumbled across 4 Mute Swan nests when I was out with my son Christopher, and as usual, the hen was sitting. Naturally the birds become quite aggressive if you push your luck and get too close to the nest site. Over the years I've had quite a lot of experience photographing Mute Swans at the nest site so I know my limits - wouldn't fancy being pecked in the face off one o' them buggers!

It's been around three weeks now since the nest discoveries so it shouldn't be too long now before each clutch of eggs hatch. That's when the fun will begin. Obviously, as experience tells me, the best shots of cygnets are most definately during those first few days, when they look very photogenic at such a small size. I have a few photo's of day old chicks on my website but I'm hoping to get plenty more in the next week or so. Hopefully all eggs will hatch successfully and the nest robbers will be kept at bay, well, for at least another year!
As hatching draws nearer here are a few more shots that I took last weekend. They were all taken at ONE of the nest sites but I hope to visit the other three this coming weekend, so there might be more news in the pipeline by Sunday night. Looks like I'll be parting with some pennies to buy a loaf of the owld Warburton's Toastie, eh. A small price to pay if I'm gonna get some good close-up's. Anyway, hope you like the latest shots. I'm liking the reflection one quite a lot. See ya later...

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Too Much Telly?

Aye, Mr Corr has been monpolizing the Tyne Tees TV weather slot lately. Well, that's according to someone who sent me the two images shown here (you know who you are!) he he.

I've been forwarding my recent photo's to Pip Thomson via email and she's included twelve of my shots up to now in 2010. The other weather girl, Alex Watson, stand's in for Pip now and again, especially on weekends.
I have changed the text in the second image. Aye, it was a bit naughty.
Click on an image to enlarge. I wonder if I get any more sent through???